An Example of a Possible Business

Suppose you live in a small town or even a larger city and you’re an accountant or a bookkeeper. Some of the smaller businesses in your area may not want to pay for the services of a CPA to keep their books or do their taxes. They may seek a more cost effective method of managing their bookkeeping and accounting and wish to outsource their work to a bookkeeper

There is a perfect opportunity for you to market your services. If you’ve been laid off and want to start your own business, you can market your services to those small businesses and save them money that they would otherwise have to spend on a CPA.

Take Advantage of Outsourcing Opportunities

Here are some tips on starting a business by taking advantage of outsourcing opportunities:

What type of small business you would like to start depends on your skills. If you are a financial type, you want to go that route. If you have training in web design, there’s your idea for a small business. You get the idea. Play to your skills and come up with an idea for a small business that fills a niche where you think businesses may outsource.

If you already operate a small business, consider trying to expand your customer base by taking advantage of outsourcing opportunities.

Are there small or large businesses in your local geographic area that have tasks they are outsourcing or would like to outsource? How do you find out? Whatever your area of expertise or small business, call the director of that area of the businesses in your local area. Prepare a pitch before you call them. Find out what they need.

If you can supply it, let them know. Have price quotes ready.

There may be lots of online businesses that would like to utilize your services if they knew you existed. Use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook[/link”>, and your own blog or website, properly tagged and optimized to draw in potential customers.

The online bidding sites where you can offer your work for sale have gotten so competitive that it is almost impossible to earn a decent wage so I am not going to recommend them at this time